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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get help with DMV registration services?

Try DMV’s Service Advisor tool, which outlines service options for common DMV transactions, from title transfers and license applications to reinstating suspended registration and submitting a medical evaluation — and more! The following registration service providers are authorized by DMV to process certain registration services on behalf of DMV.

What services does the DMV offer online?

With DMV offices serving a limited number of customers, providing services online is crucial. From renewing vehicle registration to changing your address, or driver’s license renewal (and much more), we’re continually adding new online services to meet your needs. See all online services

How do I get a copy of my California driver's license?

Online at ($2 fee). By mail by completing a Request For Your Own Driver License Identification Card Or Vehicle/Vessel Registration Information Record (INF 1125) form, available online at ($5 fee). In person at your local DMV office ($5 fee).

What to do if you lost your vehicle registration in California?

Skip the line and renew your vehicle registration online. If your registration card has been lost, stolen, or mutilated, you may get a replacement registration card for a fee. Smog inspections are required when you register or renew registration for a vehicle in California, but there are some exceptions.

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