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Frequently Asked Questions

What is setupdiag and how does it work?

SetupDiag is a standalone diagnostic tool that can be used to obtain details about why a Windows 10 upgrade was unsuccessful. SetupDiag works by examining Windows Setup log files. It attempts to parse these log files to determine the root cause of a failure to update or upgrade the computer to Windows 10.

Where is setupdiag located in Windows 10?

With the release of Windows 10, version 2004, SetupDiag is included with Windows Setup. During the upgrade process, Windows Setup will extract all its sources files to the %SystemDrive%$Windows.~btSources directory. With Windows 10, version 2004 and later, setupdiag.exe is also installed to this directory.

How to find Windows 10 upgrade logs using setupdiag tool?

Download the SetupDiag tool following this link and run it in the elevated cmd. When run without any parameters, the tool tries to find log files that Windows 10 creates during the upgrade.

How do I run the setupdiag tool as an administrator?

Open File Explorer. Browse to the downloaded file location. Right-click the "SetupDiag.exe" and select the Run as administrator option. Once you complete the steps, the tool will run immediately without the need of installation or user interaction.

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