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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Planned Parenthood affiliates located?

Search for job openings at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, our national organization, based primarily in New York City and Washington, D.C. Planned Parenthood's affiliates oversee individual health centers and manage regional programs and campaigns.

Why work at Planned Parenthood?

Work in an environment of mutual respect and a passion for our mission. Planned Parenthood is a leader in reproductive health research and technology.

Do you qualify for free visits at Planned Parenthood?

You may qualify for programs that make your visit at Planned Parenthood discounted or even free. Take a short quiz today. With PP Direct, you can get birth control, and UTI testing, without leaving your home!

Does Planned Parenthood pay for student loan repayment?

If you are willing to commit to working at a Planned Parenthood health center for up to three years, you may be eligible for up to $150,000 of student loan repayment. Diverse candidates are encouraged to apply.

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