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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest Elo you can get in Lichess?

And im a pretty bad player, my highest elo in Lichess is 1600 with the puzzles, and down from there. Lichess level 2 plays nothing like a human. In my experience, 30% of the time you trade a piece, it chooses to not take the trade, dropping the piece instead.

What is the rating of Lichess Stockfish Level 2?

I've been playing against Lichess Stockfish Level 2, at time control 5+3. It claims to have a rating of 1420. I'm about 50% in those games. But at the same time control against humans, my rating is about 1000.

Is playing the AI at low levels worth it?

This is why playing it at blitz and bullet, even on the lowest levels is, even in my opinion as someone who is pro-AI, is somewhere between a complete waste of time and a really tough challenge. The best way to use the AI is for endgame practice.

Are the ratings assigned to the different levels of the AI?

A quibble: The ratings assigned to the different levels of the computer are just guesses But they ought to be well-defined -- just treat each level of the AI as a Lichess account and track its performance against all the human accounts. Hey. Hey now... I think they prefer the term Organically Challenged these days.

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