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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lector stand for?

Historically, lectors (known as lectores in Cuba) or readers in a cigar factory entertained workers by reading books or newspapers aloud, often left-wing publications, paid for by unions or by workers pooling their money. In the United States, the custom was brought to an end in the Tampa cigar makers' strike of 1931.

What is a cigar lectore?

Lectores, and their reading material, are chosen by the workers of the cigar factory. Lectores often take on extra-official roles and formerly acted as "spurs to dissent". As of 2017, UNESCO is considering designating the profession a form of " intangible cultural heritage ".

What is the purpose of the lector's notes?

Lector's Notes try to serve the Church by helping lectors prepare to proclaim the Scriptures in our Sunday assemblies. For each day's first and second readings (and occasionally for the gospel), the Notes give the historical and theological background, plus suggestions on oral interpretation.

What is the role of the lector in the Assembly?

Your comments are welcome. Most people in a Sunday assembly hear the word of God only in that formal setting. Their only regular exposure to Scripture is from the lips of the lector and the preacher there. That lays a heavy responsibility on the lector; these notes aim to help you fulfill that responsibility.

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