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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hound heater deluxe dog house furnace?

The new Hound Heater Deluxe dog house furnace takes the dog house heater to a new level. 100,000 Cycle Life Thermostat, simply set the temperature and forget it! Internal heat shield allows your pet to lay directly against the lower half without any danger of getting burned.

What makes houndhouse different from other kennels?

The luxury accommodations, personal attention and professional care your pet receives are what sets Houndhouse apart from other boarding kennels you may have used in the past.

How do you install a hound heater in a house?

Install your Hound Heater in 5 easy steps! Drill a hole through the wall of the house. Feed the cord through the hole. Mount the Hound Heater on a vertical wall of your pet house. Do not mount on ceiling or floor. Place heater as high as possible with a minimum of 3 inches from the ceiling. Set the thermostat.

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