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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to finesse?

In the web browser address bar, type or use the shortcut on your desktop to access Finesse. The Login screen shown below appears. Enter your username (NetID), NetID password, and the ACD extension; click OK. The username is case sensitive.

How do I make myself available for calls in finesse agent desktop?

Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop Cisco Finesse has undergone a user experience refresh in release 12.0 (1). After you sign in, you can change your status to Ready to make yourself available for calls. The buttons in the call control area change depending on the situation. For example, the following buttons are available in the described situations:

What is the finesse tool for ACD?

Finesse is a Cisco web-based tool for call centers that assists with automatic call distribution (ACD) so call center agents and supervisors can login in order to begin accepting calls from the ACD system. University/campus ACD users should use the login link below to access Finesse.

What changes have been made to the user experience in finesse?

Cisco Finesse has undergone a user experience refresh in release 12.0 (1). Finesse Supervisor Desktop provides call control functionality and the following: To ensure all features of the Finesse supervisor desktop work properly, you must disable pop-up blockers.

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