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Frequently Asked Questions

What do 2ring gadgets bring to Cisco finesse?

2Ring is doing a tremendous job extending Cisco Contact Center platforms, Enterprise and Express. 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse is a great way to enhance automation & improve collaboration among agents as well as enable collaboration with subject matter experts via Cisco Jabber.

What does the slang word “finesse” mean?

Finesse is when you persuade someone to do something to your liking. Though there's no proof of where the term started, many claim that the term finesse started in Chicago, Illinois. Finesse is a slang term heavily used in Hip Hop music by rappers, it became widely popular due to its heavy use in Drill Music.

What can finesse do?

Finesse helps you to curate all aspects of your customer journey - from your marketing and communication, to your business etiquette, client interaction processes, cross-cultural intelligence, and sales language.

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