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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fine motor skills and why are they important?

Fine motor skills are the movements and coordination of the small muscles of the body, typically thought of as the movements that involve the fingers and the hands. Fine motor skills are important for supporting independence with dressing, feeding, eating and performance in school.

What are some examples of fine motor skills?

Some examples of fine motor skills are using the pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger) to pick up small objects, cutting, coloring and writing, and threading beads. Fine motor development refers to the development of skills involving the smaller muscle groups.

How to boost fine motor skills?

10 Tips To Boost Fine Motor Skills In Kids Encourage Your Child To Help In The Kitchen. The acts of cooking and cleaning in a kitchen require several specific motor skills that could really benefit a struggling child. Give Your Child Playdough Or Putty. Children love being able to play with very tactile objects, and playdough or putty is the perfect option. Teach Your Child To Sew Or Crochet. ... More items...

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