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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cancer did Erin Andrews have?

Erin Andrews revealed in a new interview that she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last September and underwent surgery to successfully remove the disease. Find out more in the video above, and detailed below.

What is Erin Andrews trial?

Erin Andrews Stalker Trial: Sportscaster Is ‘Shell of Her Former Self’. Attorneys for the hotel companies claim Barrett was an experienced traveler who schemed his way into getting a room next to Andrews by using an in-house phone at the hotel to find out where she was and then requesting that he be placed in a room next to hers.

Who is Erin Andrews' Sister?

Here are hot pictures of Kendra Andrews, Erin Andrews’ sister. Kendra Andrews is as cute as Erin Andrews from ESPN (above). It’s been over a week since LALATE has reported on Erin, or Pam Oliver, or Ines Sainz.

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