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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word “Bupkis” mean?

However “bupkis” is spelled or pronounced and whether it means “nothing” or “no value,” its etymology is ultimately thought to trace back to the word for “beans” in Slavic languages. In some Slavic languages, “bob” is the word for “beans,” and in Yiddish “bobke” was the word used for the bean-shaped droppings of goats or sheep.

What is Bupkis and why should you care?

What is Bupkis? Bupkis is a Yiddish word, which is literally translated as “beans” and is derived from a Slavic word for “goat droppings.” Apparently goat droppings look like beans, although I’ve never actually seen any goat droppings.

What is another word for bubkis?

ZILCH, zip, bubkis, goose egg, diddly-squat, nada, jack. But it's a safe bet that in 2002 wireless revenue will amount to bubkis. Dictionary browser ? Full browser ?

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