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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say Albergo in other languages?

'albergo' in Other Languages. British English: hotel /həʊˈtɛl/ NOUN. A hotel is a building where people stay, paying for their rooms and meals. American English: hotel. Arabic: فُنْدُقٌ. Brazilian Portuguese: hotel. Chinese: 酒店.

What is the meaning of alberghi?

This shows grade level based on the word's complexity. noun, plural al·ber·ghi [ahl-ber-gee]. /ɑlˈbɛr gi/. Italian. an inn or hotel. IS THIS EIGHTH GRADE VOCAB QUIZ FEASIBLE FOR YOU?

Who is Robert Albergo?

Dr. Robert Albergo, MD is a dermatologist in Palm Harbor, FL and has been practicing for 36 years. He graduated from University Of Rochester School Of Medicine in 1978 and specializes in dermatology.

Where is Dr Albergo's office located?

Dr. Albergo's office is located at 4132 WOODLANDS PKWY, Palm Harbor, FL 34685. Find other locations and directions on Healthgrades.

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